Who is Boiler Williams?

Boiler Williams is a consumer advocate from Colorado. He has fought against many major corporations that have violated people’s rights or given incredibly poor customer service.

Boiler is the author or co-author of three books. All books are published under a pen name. In fact, Boiler Williams is a pen name. You can search and find two of Boiler’s books on Amazon.  If you email him, he will send you a pdf of any of his books.

Lately, Boiler has been traveling the world. He has been looking for the next idea for a website or cause. United Airlines has inspired him. Their in-flight service and post flight service is amazingly poor. It is poor and United Airlines really hasn’t impressed on Boiler that they care one iota.

This site is a reaction to United Airlines not giving a rip about their customers. Boiler is hopeful that this will be a place for the victims of United Airlines’ crappy service to post their stories.

Since United doesn’t care about their customers, getting resolution is unlikely. Boiler just thinks we will all feel better after sharing our stories.