Hostile Flight Attendant Issue

Here is my second major issue with United this year. I had a flight attendant yelling at me. I knew I could not yell back or I would be thrown off the plan. So I just took her abuse. Had this been any place but a plane, I would have been able to stand up for myself. Again, no one at United airlines cares that I am afraid to fly my flight home out of concerns that the same flight attendant will be part of the crew that services my flight. I was concerned that she would yell at me again, and I wouldn’t have the same level of self-control I had during the first flight.

Here is the complaint I sent in:

Status: Gold (Probably platinum when you read this if I still fly United)

To whom it may concern,

I wanted to let you know I received terrible service on flight United 763 on 11/7/16. While boarding with one medium bag, the flight attendant for some reason took exception to me and my medium bag. While other passengers were caring on many items, of which most were larger than my pack that I carried on one shoulder. She asked me to put the pack in front of my feet. I said, “I respectfully ask that you let me put my bag in the overhead as I am tall and paid extra for the legroom. I only brought one medium sized bag for that reason.” At the time, there was plenty of room in the overhead.

She said, “I am not going to argue with you. Are you going to do as you were told?”

I asked her, “When this first came up it seemed to me like you were asking me, are you now telling me?”

The flight attendant said,” I am telling you to do what I told you to do. I am done with you.”  and she stormed off. I sat down in my seat.

The lady sitting next to me asked if the flight attendant was my ex-wife. We laughed.

Then the flight attendant showed up with another United employee. The second employee said to me, “I heard you are being difficult. Move your bag. Do I make myself clear?”

I tried to explain that I had only one bag. I held up one finger. She asked if I was pointing at her. I said my index finger was pointing straight up, like the number one. It was clear she was trying to provoke me.

I hurried and moved my bag before the United employees could escalate the situation.

No one else I saw on the plane that carried one or two items on the plane was told to put items in their foot space. I didn’t hear the flight attendants take an aggressive tone with anyone else.

I was singled out for no reason. I was not being unreasonable. I just asked if I had a choice. I was asking if I was being asked or told.

I am in San Diego now and am concerned that I will have the same flight crew on the way home to Denver tomorrow. I am concerned that I will be attacked again and that your employees will treat me even worse. I now have concerns that I cannot fly United without being on guard from your employees singling me out and attacking me over petty issues.